Essentials of Everyday Jewelry

Since the Stone Age, women had a special affinity towards jewelry; earlier, they used seashells to adorn themselves, and at present, the jewelry designs have come a long way since then with designs which are intricate and contemporary. Jewelry is such an integral part of a women's life that they wear it every single day in one form or another. But to wear everyday jewelry comes with their own set of essentials. These essentials are some of the jewelry pieces which women should ideally have in their collection. These pieces are little black dress of every day jewelry. 

Diamond Stud Earrings

A pair of stud earrings encrusted with diamonds is one of the essential for your everyday jewelry collection. The diamond stud earrings are something which will never go wrong. There are a variety of diamond studs you can choose from, like a simple single tiny diamond stud or diamond line studs. For people who think diamonds are expensive and cannot afford this gem can always check out the new fashion artificial earrings that you can get at any online stores. Diamond studs will always make a statement and will elevate your entire look for the day.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings is another essential which will help to enhance your everyday look. A single hoop earring in gold or white gold or oxidized looks good on every woman. You can pull your hair back in high pony along with these simple earrings; the whole look is quite elegant and exciting at the same time. It is not necessary that you have to buy real jewelry you can buy some impressive looking new fashion artificial earrings with a hoop from the online store you prefer.


Having a long chain necklace will undoubtedly give your everyday look a boost. You can wear long chains in many different ways, chains of various sizes are excellent for layering up, you can wrap the long chain into two necklaces as well. Hence, you need not spend a lot for buying multiple chains for your collection a single long chain will help in creating a variety of styles. New fashion jewelry like thin, delicate chains with small diamonds or motifs also works a great deal as an everyday jewelry for your neck. This one piece of necklace is a must-have as a part of your everyday jewelry collection.


Although the watch is not considered as part of the traditional definition of jewelry, it certainly does wonders to your everyday look. A good and smart looking watch should be part of everyone's collection, as per your preference you can go with delicate-looking watch with small dials or a big dial watch. Along with the watch, you can stack your arm up with a couple of simple and single bracelets and bangles to enhance the look. The watch can safely be called as the new fashion jewelry of the current generation, as many people cannot go without wearing a watch. With so many brands and designs available today, we are sure you can find the right one which you like and will suit your personality.

Bracelet and bangles

Finally, a set of bangles and bracelets is essential every day jewelry requirement. Thin bangles made up of various metals when stacked together gives a chic look. You can add bracelets to this stack to give an oomph factor to it. But make sure to stack it up only in one arm and leave the other arm bare. Either you can have a single statement bangle and bracelet or multiple dainty looking bangles and bracelets. It is better to have both as you will get more options to choose from and along with it, you can add some stackable rings that is very popular with people today as a new fashion jewelry item, these rings will surely enhance the beauty of your hands.

While most of you all will have some of these pieces described above, although these are the must-haves of the everyday jewelry, you can add your touch into it by wearing something of your choice along with them. Giving your personal touch to the choice of jewelry by incorporating the new fashion artificial earrings or some antique jewelry from your collection, it will give a look unique to you and will go with your personality.