Choosing Right Jewelry for Different Occasion

You are wearing your perfect dress, with perfect make-up and accessories to go along with the look; everything is perfect, but you end up wearing some chunky jewelry for a formal occasion; all your efforts to look perfect goes for a toss. At least one or a few pieces of jewelry are essential to make you look lovely and elegant. Jewelry can make and break the look you are going for; hence it is necessary to have a little bit knowledge of choosing the right kind of jewelry as per the occasion. This article will give you basic directives for selecting the right sort of jewelry for various occasions.

Jewelry for Your Everyday Wear

It is best to go minimalist when it comes to everyday wear as we all are well aware that wearing too much jewelry daily is basis is a big NO. A delicate necklace or a personalized pendant with a fine chain from your jewelry store or from one of the top online jewelry store will look good on everybody. You can team the necklace with a small diamond stud or earning of any gemstone, which is not more than 3 mm in radius. The care to be taken while deciding on everyday jewelry is that it should not be too colorful, neither it should be too big for you. The key to determining your everyday jewelry is to keep it simple, delicate and elegant. Wearing too much jewelry every day will make you look odd; hence it is best to be avoided by all means.

Jewelry for Casual Night out with Friends

As you are going out with your friends, you can experiment with the look. A hoop earning will go well with a casual dress as well as with your jeans and t-shirt. You can pile up three or four delicate bracelets or bangles or both made out of rose-gold or silver or gold that will compliment your outfit. Layering up different delicate chains of different sizes and design is also a great way to wear it for a casual night out; some of the best online jewelry shopping websites have a perfect collection of these intricate chains. It is advisable to highlight only one piece of jewelry, i.e. if you are stacking up bracelet then don't layer up with chains on your neck and vice-versa. And if you want to go on a safer side, then stick to the simple, minimal jewelry.

Date- Night Jewelry

Make your special night look extra special by choosing interesting jewelry. Being Minimal is also the mantra here while selecting jewelry for date-night. Choose that jewelry which will help to make your features more prominent. An elegant pair of earrings will help to accentuate your face and eyes while a dainty necklace will make your neck and collarbone stand out. You can pair this jewelry with one statement ring or a delicate bracelet. If you are still confused about the right jewelry, you should check out some of the top online jewelry store, where they have displayed jewelry specifically for date-nights.

Jewelry for Formal Occasion

You can go a little overboard with a formal occasion like wedding, black-tie event, gala or any kind of formal gatherings. You can wear the expensive diamond or ruby set that you own or beautiful pearl jewelry you were waiting to wear. But keep in mind not to divert people's attention from you. A statement diamond or any precious stone necklace with matching earrings does the trick, along with a right kind of statement ring and a bracelet to match. Some of the best online jewelry shopping stores have an excellent collection of matching jewelry that can grace you during any formal occasion.

Professional Jewelry 

Noisy jewelry at the professional space is irritating; hence while selecting jewelry for work, one should take care that it does not clink while making movements. Similar to the everyday jewelry, you should keep your work wear jewelry subtle and delicate. Small dainty metal necklace with light pendants or simple rose-gold metal bracelets or bangles should be your preferred choice for work jewelry. The same goes to earrings and rings as well, a simple stud and a simple bar ring should be favored while choosing your work wear jewelry.

Since the olden days, jewelry has been an integral part of every woman’s life. Over the years, it has refined to a great extent, and at present women can enjoy a large variety of jewelry; hence they must make the right jewelry choice as per the occasion demands.